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OracleはJavaアプリケーションのリッチクライアントプラットフォームであるJavaFXをオープンソース化に着手していますが、オープンソース化されたプロジェクトのリストに、この数週間のうちにさらに7個のプロジェクトが追加される予定です。「数ヶ月後にはiOSやAndroid実装をオープンソース化する予定だ」とJavaFXプラットフォームのアーキテクトえあるRichard Bairが自身のブログで述べています。
February Open Source Update (FX Experience)
プロジェクト名 リリース日 説明
apps/ConferenceScheduleApp 2012/10/22 Conference schedule application shown at JavaOne 2012
apps/Modena 2012/11/27 Experimental application as a playground for prototyping a new look and feel for JavaFX
apps/ModenaTest 2013/1/23 Simple test app for Modena
decora-compiler 2012/11/6 Build-time tool for compiling .jsl files into fragment shaders
decora-d3d 2013/2/7 D3D specific decora implementation
decora-es2 2013/2/7 OpenGL ES 2.0 specific decora implementation
decora-jsw 2013/2/7 Java2D Software decora implementation
decora-prism 2013/2/7 Prism-based base classes for implementations of decora
decora-prism-ps 2013/2/7 Pixel shader / prism based implementation of decora
decora-prism-sw 2013/2/7 Software / prism based implementation of decora
decora-sse 2013/2/7 Native SSE implementation of decora (java half)
decora-sse-native 2013/2/7 Native SSE implementation of decora (native half)
deploy 2012/12/18 JavaFXPackager and launcher deployment tools
javafx-anim 2012/12/18 Animation APIs and implementation
javafx-annotation-processor 2012/12/18 Builder-generator annotation processor (build-time only)
javafx-beans 2013/2/5 Beans, Properties, and Collections
javafx-beans-dt 2011/12/12 Design-time API for Beans (not shipped yet, but used by SceneBuilder)
javafx-common 2012/12/18 APIs common to all of FX (events and utils)
javafx-concurrent 2011/12/23 Worker, Task, Service, and related concurrency APIs
javafx-designtime 2011/12/12 Design time implementations (not shipped)
javafx-embed-swing 2013/2/4 Swing embedding APIs
javafx-embed-swt 2013/2/4 SWT embedding APIs
javafx-fxml 2012/9/20 FXML API and implementation
javafx-geom 2012/12/18 Internal geometry classes used by prism
javafx-logging 2012/12/18 Internal logging helper
javafx-sg-common 2012/12/18 Internal interfaces for scene graph peers
javafx-sg-prism 2012/12/18 Prism scene graph peers
javafx-ui-charts 2012/2/23 Charting APIs
javafx-ui-controls 2011/11/10 UI Control APIs
javafx-util-converter 2011/12/29 String converter APIs
pisces 2012/12/18 2D software rasterizer
test-stub-toolkit 2011/12/23 Stubs for testing
tests/bigapps 2012/2/10 Start of a big-apps test based on Ensemble
tests/functional/SceneGraphTests 2012/12/17 Functional tests for the Scene Graph
tests/tools 2012/2/3 JemmyFX for functional testing of JavaFX apps

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