[Java] Additional details on GlassFish 5 Promoted Build 3


Java EE 8の進展に伴い、GlassFishはここ数ヶ月の間に活動を開始しましたGlassFish 5のNightly Buildの安定化後、GlassFishの週次プロモーションプロセスを復活させました。その後時間がかかりましたが、週次Promoted buildのGlassFish-5,0-b03をリリースしました。
GlassFish 5.0 Promoted Build
GlassFish 5を実行する上で必要なJDKバージョンの要件はJDK 8u121です。

  • JSF 2.3.0-m11
  • Jersey 2.26-b02
  • JAX-RS 2.1-m03
  • HK2 2.5.0-b33
  • Grizzly 2.3.29
  • Grizzly NPM 1.7
  • Jboss Logging 3.3.0.Final
  • Tyrus 1.13.1
  • Jackson 2.8.4
  • JSTL 1.2.5-b03
  • Servlet 4.0.0-b03

Servlet 4.0 Update


Issue ID or Commit RevisionSummary
r64700Integrate javax.servlet:javax.servlet-api:4.0.0-b03
SERVLET_SPEC-73Add API for Servlet Mapping
implemented by GLASSFISH-21688
Allow encoding to be set from deployment descriptor
r64338Updates schema files for Servlet 4.0
implemented by GLASSFISH-21666
Allow setting the jsp-file programmatically
SERVLET_SPEC-134Updates for spec and impl of server push
implemented by GLASSFISH-21673
Allow setting the default context-path without resorting to container specific config


Issue IdSummary
GLASSFISH-21677Need to remove -Xbootclasspath from domain.xml
GLASSFISH-21671Switch appserver build to source=1.8 and target=1.8
GLASSFISH-21656list-jms-resources fails if operand is clustered instance
GLASSFISH-21655rollback of create-jms-resource fails when resource has already existed
GLASSFISH-21650countopenconnections is not counted at the request to http-listener-2 of the cluster
GLASSFISH-21649countqueued1minuteaverage does not count the value for one minute
GLASSFISH-21648corethreads and maxthreads are always zero
GLASSFISH-21646countbytesreceived and countbytestransmitted count the value of requests to admin-listener
GLASSFISH-21645maxopenconnections of HttpServiceStatsProvider is always the same.
GLASSFISH-21644Not able to deploy app with cdi validator support
GLASSFISH-21642access-logging-bad-requests web devtests fails in Hudson
GLASSFISH-21640JMS message in server.log is logged only message key.
GLASSFISH-21639difficult maintained log messages
GLASSFISH-21591[GF-JDK9] JDK internal API sun.misc.URLClassPath used in com.sun.appserv.ClassLoaderUtil
GLASSFISH-21589Problems with resource deletion if all resource targets are deleted
GLASSFISH-21585The list of JVM options is lost empty when an invalid option is added.
GLASSFISH-21584A new property cannot be added in "Cluster System Properties" page.
GLASSFISH-21580WebappClassLoader is not thread safe
GLASSFISH-21579asadmin list-file-groups exits successfully although user doesn't exist
GLASSFISH-21576javamail debug log is not logged.
GLASSFISH-21574asadmin deploy --precompilejsp doesn't check compilerSourceVM and compilerTargetVM in glassfish-web.xml
GLASSFISH-21573Server log messages are unexpectedly trimmed if the message starts with or ends with spaces.
GLASSFISH-21572AS-WEB-GLUE-00078 is logged to the server.log although both tls11-enabled and tls12-enabled are true.
GLASSFISH-21560"asadmin list-logger-levels" does not list java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler
GLASSFISH-21546password alias is not updated until restart the process.
GLASSFISH-21542Update jboss.logging
GLASSFISH-21522NullPointerException during WebDirContext.lookupFromJars
GLASSFISH-21515Possible null pointer dereference
GLASSFISH-21505JDK9 - Unable to launch the Application Client Container
GLASSFISH-21494Double checked locking problem
GLASSFISH-21479Glassfish 4.1 won't start with JDK 9 build jdk9-b95 (and later)
GLASSFISH-21376There is a "null" in the log name
GLASSFISH-21276A number of monitor mbeans are broken
GLASSFISH-21272JDBC Monitoring MBeans not working in JConsole
GLASSFISH-20917a wrong implementation for web-fragment.xml with <distributable/> issue
GLASSFISH-20858Message "Invalid Url Pattern" contains placeholder, while it obviously must contain the invalid pattern

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